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Discover the MAVinci SIRIUS UAS with its great new features: 3D city mapping, corridor flight planning, improved automatic spot landing and more...

Capture fantastic 3D data sets that include the textures of vertical structures such as the facades of buildings. This data set was acquired in only 45 min flight!

Overall Photography is partnering with Propeller Aero to provide a user friendly interface for our project reporting, 3D mapping and 5mm accurate volumetric aerial survey services.

MAVinci Sirius Pro landing in full manual mode

Introducing the new Start to Finish Survey Grade RPAS bundles from Position Partners! Featuring Propeller AeroPoint revolutionary ground control points, your choice of industry leading Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Propeller Aero web-based data analysis tools. Aerial mapping with RTK cm level accuracy has never been so easy!

Backed by the power of Intel, the MAVinci SIRIUS and SIRIUS Pro deliver unparalleled accuracy and survey-grade results. With the ability to cover large areas safely and efficiently, talk to us about a demo today

Aerial footage taken with the DJI Matrice 100 at a Komatsu Dig Day, showing RDS Loadmaster Alpha100 on board weighing technology on a Komatsu wheel loader

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