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An explanation of the global positioning system (GPS) and GPS+ which is a result of GPS and GLONASS.

The GRS-1 addresses real-time GIS mapping and data exchange as it incorporates an optional internal GSM or CDMA modem into the handheld device. Use the internal modem to dial up to a reference station network for real-time correction data or to access a GIS server in the field. Visit the link below for more information

Redesigned from the ground up, TopSURV 7 is not just an upgrade, it's a whole new experience from field to finish. From its all-new, super-efficient database engine to its near-universal exporting abilities, 7 delivers the power to simplify and speed your data collection and delivery.

There's no reason to carry around a toolbox full of hardware and cables when you need to gather data.

Shut out cable hassles and run up your productivity with the Topcon HiPer series of integrated GPS+ RTK receivers! Only Topcon lets you add the entire GLONASS satellite network, providing you with stronger solutions that can keep you working when others can't.

GPS receiver design has taken a quantum leap forward with the new GR-3. It starts with 72 "universal" channels that support all current and planned satellite positioning signals. Then there's the micro-tuned, precision antenna capable of receiving all G3 positioning signals with Topcon's patented center-mount radio antenna for superior signal tracking and interference reduction.

There's no reason to carry around a toolbox full of hardware and cables when you need to gather data.

Topcon engineers have incorporated our industry leading integrated imaging and 50 channel dual constellation satellite tracking into a small hand-held GPS receiver, the GMS-2.

The FC-100 and FC-2000 are compact field controller's that provide big-time results. Topcon's field controllers are designed and built by Topcon and have full-color display, dual removable storage media, and Windows.CE operating system.

Ultra-compact, ultra-robust GNSS receiver with patented Vanguard chip and multi-signal tracking technology for reliable positioning in any application.

Panasonic's fully rugged Toughpad FZ-G1 tablet sets the new bar for outdoor viewable tablets.

See just how durable our Carlson Surveyor is when we submerge it in a tank of water ... and it still works! Learn more at:

One Queensland customer shares his experience of satellite acquisition on Topcon's GR-5 GNSS receiver under a tree canopy Watch as Juniper Systems' Archer 2 rugged handheld is put through the most rigorous tests of ruggedness. Rated IP68 for dust and water, and tested to MIL-STD-810G, the Archer 2 is one of the toughest rugged handhelds out there for data collection in extreme environments.

Introducing Topcon's Elite Suite including the FC-5000 Survey Tablet, HiPer HR GNSS, GT Series robotic total station, all powered by MAGNET software.

Take your surveying to elite levels with Topcon's integrated workflow solution that includes the Topcon GT Series Robotic, Topcon HiPer HR GNSS, Topcon FC-5000 and MAGNET Software.

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