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Fully self leveling, the PLS360 provides you with a 360 degree line of reference. The PLS360 offers one button set up for indoor-outdoor applications. Unlike rotary lasers with sensitive moving parts, this compact, bright and durable tool has no complicated features or multiple knob adjustments.

Pacific Laser System's PLS180 Laser Tool features a 180 degree fan angle laser lines for vertical and horizontal. A huge improvement in the "length of the laser line". Plumb line shoots past vertical over head! Level line shoots "wall to wall"! Compact and self-levelling.

Fully self levelling, the PLS90 is a unique laser level. No more 3-4-5. Use your PLS90 and our universal base-tripod adapter for fast, accurate and dependable square layout for flooring-tile, framing (metal stud or wood), concrete foundations, pads and more.

Lay out reference points faster than traditional, labour intensive methods. No more 3-4-5. No more swinging plumb bobs. Plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground! Use PLS as your partner on the jobsite. Self-levelling: no time wasted with bubble vials.

The RT-5SW was built from the ground up with long range, high precision dual slope applications in mind. From agricultural land leveling to large construction sites, there isn't another laser available that can deliver dual slopes this accurately or easily. It features an integrated RF remote controller ("RC300W") which is capable of two way communication up to 300 meters in range.

Matt Page, WTW Trade Specialist for BCM for Tradies doing a review of the aLine AL-HVG Green Beam Horizontal/Vertical Rotating Laser. Suitable for both general and interior construction applications, the AL-HVG laser features horizontal and vertical self-levelling, plumb up and down beam for 90° layout work, dual slope operation and both clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning function. The aLine AL-HVG laser also features a 500m working range, accuracy of +/- 3mm at 30m and a run time of approximately 20 hours.

Matt Page, WTW Trade Specialist for BCM for Tradies doing a review of the Topcon RL-H5A Next Generation Self-Levelling Rotating Laser.

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