Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

US Radar Quantum Imager

Modern radar technology makes locating easier

The world’s first ground-penetrating radar system to use triple-frequency radar technology for locating and imaging objects at greater depths and with higher resolution than competitive single- or dual-frequency systems. 

US Radar Quantum Mini

World-first dual-frequency concrete scanner 

The Quantum Mini is the only Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) available on the market that offers dual frequency within a compact, wireless design that is ideal for scanning walls, floors and ceilings. With both 1000MHz and 2000MHz antennas the Quantum Mini enables deep structure scanning with all the detail associated with high resolution analysis of fine targets. The Dual frequency gives enables concrete to be laid with a firm understanding of what lie beneath.

US Radar Seeker SPR 500 series

Utility location GPR device

Simply put, the 500 Series Seeker SPR from US Radar is a utility location workhorse. It is easy to use, with high performance and a configurable design that enables you to add modules to suit the job. 

US Radar Seeker SPR 1000 series

Structural GPR device

The Seeker SPR 1000 Series from US Radar provides the perfect balance between high-resolution and depth of penetration for structural investigation. 

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