Mining Machine Guidance

iVolve Mine4D

Machine guidance for dozers and excavators

Combine the power of an FMS solution with high precision machine guidance to ensure ultimate efficiency and
productivity across your mine site. By giving your operators the ability to mine to the design without waiting on supervisors and surveyors, you can drastically reduce rehandling and associated delays.

Carlson DredgeGrade

Designed for dredging equipped excavators

Carlson DredgeGradeTM can be used on dredging excavator’s positioned on land or in the water. Carlson Dredge Grade provides plan and profile views of barge and excavator positions with real-time death information. Along with regular updates to cut/fill/on-grade measurements relative to the DTM file.

Carlson DrillGrade

Hole navigation system for mine drill rigs

Carlson DrillGrade™ guides the operator so he can drill parallel holes to the correct depth safely and efficiently.

Carlson Grade Supervisor

Flexible Site Management software

Carlson Grade Supervisor is a premiere 3D/GPS site management and inspection tool that can be used to support grading, mining, and landfill applications.

Carlson MineGrade

For dozers, excavators, scrapers, graders and more

Carlson Grade 4.0 is a premiere 3D machine guidance solution, ideal for most heavy machinery used in grading, mining, drilling and general earthworks across the site.

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