Position Partners releases Klau PPK software for the DJI Phantom4 RTK survey drone

29 November 2018

Position Partners, Australia's largest retailer of positioning and geospatial solutions for surveying, mining and civil construction, has partnered with Klau Geomatics to announce the release of KlauPPK software for DJI’s Phantom4 RTK survey drone. Complete with 3D lever arm compensation, KlauPPK is the only industry-grade platform that will reliably deliver the results you need.

The Klau Geomatics KlauPPK software supplied by Position Partners features 3D Lever Arm Correction which brings even more precision to the computed results by modelling the 3D offset between the GPS antenna and the camera centre, or lever arm, which changes as the drone tilts in different directions, to determine the exact camera centre position for each photo.

The KlauPPK software enables accurate and reliable results from the P4RTK drone without running it in RTK mode.

PPK technology does not require a real-time connection to the base, saving users time in the field, and ensuring the data collected is complete. No losses due to communications links or range means better data quality, and as it is post-processed the solution is more rigorous than a real time RTK solution.

Other features of this software include:

·       No survey equipment required

·       Integrated base station data

·       Geoid and coordinate system support

·       Smart geotagging

Position Partners provides the industry’s leading support for geospatial professionals with dedicated support centres across the country. Klau Geomatics is an innovative Australian technology company that produces one of the most accurate, compact and sophisticated aerial geo-positioning solutions for high precision mapping and inspection.

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