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Topcon News: 29 March 2017

We’ve rolled out an advanced phone system to get you through to the right team and action your enquiry faster. There are some important differences we’d like to bring to your attention, so please read on!

At work! News: 29 March 2017

Two quarry managers share their experience of loader scale technology and how it’s proved a simple but vital technology to increase load accuracy, save time and track material.

Topcon News: 27 March 2017

Topcon Positioning Group announces an update to its entry-level machine control system for excavation — the X-52. The 2D system is designed to offer cost-effective indicate grade control.

Topcon News: 27 March 2017

Topcon Positioning Group announces the next generation of automated concrete paving — the ZPS system — with the new Z-Robot and Z-Stack sensor. Using enhanced Topcon Millimeter GPS® technology, the ZPS system is designed to bring unmatched accuracy to concrete paving with a fraction of the hardware required for traditional LPS (local positioning system).

Topcon News: 24 March 2017

Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the latest addition to its longstanding line of touchscreen control boxes for construction machine automation — the GX-75.

Topcon News: 24 March 2017

This year’s ConExpo show represented an immense unveiling of the newest equipment, technology and product breakthrough in construction. From earthshaking big iron to ground breaking innovations, it’s all assembled in one place to help you work smarter. If it’s new, it was there – there was plenty to see!

Position Partners News: 9 March 2017

A great night for the Aussies at ConExpo 2017, hosted by Position Partners and Ostwald Bros, with thanks to our sponsors

Position Partners News: 22 February 2017

US Radar’s new Quantum Mini is the only Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the world to offer dual frequency technology, enabling it to locate anomalies both within and beyond the concrete layer from the one system.

Topcon News: 22 February 2017

Queensland-based surveying firm All Points Surveys has increased productivity with high speed robotics and cloud-based software.

Position Partners News: 15 February 2017

Internet of Things provider and geospatial positioning company to share their respective Sigfox and AllDayRTK network infrastructure and enable low cost IoT development for councils, agriculture, health and industries

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