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Position Partners News: 26 September 2017

We’re excited to announce a new excavator machine control system for mini-excavators that lets you take the benchmark into the cab of your machine and accurately work to a required depth or slope for under $10,000!

Position Partners News: 26 September 2017

Position Partners offers a range of reliable, robust on-board weighing systems for loaders, excavators, skid steers and telehandlers. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Position Partners News: 4 September 2017

Hagstrom Drilling is on the cusp of completing 3 months’ worth of geotechnical drilling investigations as part of Sydney’s major Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link project. As one of NSW’s priority infrastructure projects, this proposed large scale motorway is expected to deliver time savings of up to 45 minutes for motorists travelling from the Northern Beaches to Sydney’s CBD, North Sydney and the airport.

Position Partners News: 31 August 2017

Intel acquired RPAS innovator firm Ascending Technologies in 2016 and we are soon to see the first result of this fusion between a computer engineering powerhouse and a specialist commercial drone manufacturer with the Falcon 8+.

Position Partners News: 31 August 2017

We’re pleased to announce a new national 3D laser scanning team to provided dedicated support to customers wishing to introduce or expand the technology into their business.

Topcon News: 31 August 2017

Customers have until the end of September 2017 to update their old Civilcad CAD software licences to MAGNET Office.

Topcon News: 31 August 2017

When asked about the performance of Topcon’s new HiPer HR, Survey Manager for Survey Management Solutions’(SMS) Western region, Dean Ramsay said: “It’s definitely the best we’ve ever had. It locks on faster, it tracks satellites a lot faster and overall it’s a really quick and easy to use instrument.”

Topcon News: 29 August 2017

Centralised team to lead sales, delivery and services process for condition monitoring applications throughout Australia, with advisory support for New Zealand and South East Asia.

Topcon News: 18 July 2017

Our custom-built telematics platform designed specifically for the Australian construction industry is constantly evolving to deliver customers greater functionality, increased visibility of their assets and better support than ever before.

Topcon News: 14 July 2017

State-Wide Earthworks is achieving fine tolerance results with an EasyGrade grader attachment and total station machine control technology.

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