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Topcon News: 22 February 2017

Queensland-based surveying firm All Points Surveys has increased productivity with high speed robotics and cloud-based software.

Position Partners News: 15 February 2017

Internet of Things provider and geospatial positioning company to share their respective Sigfox and AllDayRTK network infrastructure and enable low cost IoT development for councils, agriculture, health and industries

Position Partners News: 7 February 2017

For the first time, remotely piloted aircraft were used to light up the sky during one of the biggest events in the United States’ calendar: the Super Bowl halftime entertainment. This year, Lady Gaga’s show featured some 300 Intel Shooting Star drones with on-board LED lights that were cleverly choreographed to transform from a scattering of stars, to the American flag, to the Pepsi and finally Intel logos.

Position Partners News: 23 January 2017

The leading wireless condition monitoring platform explicitly designed for rail, infrastructure and mining applications now sold and supported in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia by Position Partners.

Position Partners News: 4 January 2017

Coastwide Civil installs Australia’s first dynamically controlled positioning system for a sea crane for accurate material placement of break-walls.

Topcon News: 7 December 2016

There will be an extra second added to the end of this year (or New Year's Day depending on your time zone!)

Position Partners News: 5 December 2016

Oh we do love our acronyms in surveying, don’t we?! Scroll to the end for a useful glossary we put together to help out.

Position Partners News: 5 December 2016

Heath Low to lead the company’s sales, delivery and support processes for deformation monitoring solutions across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Position Partners News: 5 December 2016

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has introduced new licensing requirements for Differential GPS (DGPS) users as a result of changes to the 400 MHz band.

Position Partners News: 2 December 2016

Global technology giant Intel has demonstrated its commitment to rival the top players of the commercial RPAS industry by acquiring both Ascending Technologies (AscTec), manufacturer of the Falcon 8 multi-rotor, as well as MAVinci, the company that produces the SIRIUS UAS range.

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