Topcon i-33

GPS Indicate for bulk earthwork applications 

Realise the accuracy, simplicity and flexibility of GPS grade indicate on your bulk earthmoving jobs for just a fraction of the cost of other GPS solutions!

  • Cut grade fast and accurate the first time
  • Cut to flat, vertical and 3D surfaces
  • Bright, easy-to-use colour touch screen
  • Upgradeable systems
  • Improve job safety

Topcon's i-33 bulk earthworks system allows continuous cuts on multiple elevation, slope and complex design jobs without stopping to reset –the machine, lasers or stakes! The operator simply works from 3D models of the job loaded in to GX-30 control box, or they can create slope and elevation designs in real-time!

The GX-30 is compact and sun light visible and provides bright, clear “cut / fill / on-grade” indication and machine position on a 4.3” touch screen display.

Topcon i-33’s flexible configuration offers single or dual antennas for elevation only, or elevation and slope work. Minimal mounting and components makes it easy to prepare all of your machines so i-33 is always on the machine where it’s needed. And i-33 will grow with you - the GX-30 control box is used in the soon to be released 2D and 3D excavator systems from Topcon.

Been thinking about GPS machine control? Why not look more closely at Topcon’s i-33? It provides high-end GNSS performance at an entry-level cost.

Dozer Yes
Grader No
Scraper Yes
Excavator No
Compactor Yes
Loader Yes

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