PPK system for RPAS

Precision on-board positioning for your RPAS

This plug and play post processed kinematic (PPK) system integrates with most RPAS to produce high accuracy GNSS camera positions that increase the precision of aerial mapping tasks whilst reducing or even eliminating the need for ground control points (GCPs). 

Accuracy for aerial mapping relies on control points, which can either be GCPs placed on the ground that are visible from the photos taken, or on-board camera positions (CPs) that record where each photo was taken.  

The PPK add-on system uses CP control to increase accuracy, save time and increase safety by eliminating the need for survey crews to set out ground control. It also enables mapping in hazardous or hard to reach areas where the use of ground control is prohibitive. 

How it works

The PPK hardware operates independently of your current RPAS flight management system. Your RPA will operate as it does now, with onboard flight control using the existing autonomous GPS. The PPK system logs precise carrier phase GNSS data with millisecond camera trigger events to provide highly accurate camera positions after post processing.

The logged data is processed after the flight with base station data. You will need a survey grade GNSS unit logging data in the vicinity of the project, or you can download data from a local CORS station. A base receiver can be supplied if required.

After post-processing, the high-precision camera coordinates are input into your photogrammetry software with your images. With centimetre level camera positions, the mapping and modelling you produce will have the highest possible accuracy.

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