3D Laser Scanning

Polaris Series Laser Scanner

New Compact, Powerful 3D Scanning Technology

The Polaris Terrestrial Laser Scanner delivers accurate, precise data faster than ever before, bridging the gap between small, light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range, pulsed time-of-flight scanners. Built with surveyors in mind, the Polaris has a user-friendly on-board operator interface with menu-driven operations for quickly collecting and referencing data.

Topcon GLS-2000

Fast, long-range laser scanners

The GLS-2000 Series includes three options of measurement range for short, medium and long distance applications. Choose from the GLS-2000S, ideal for short range applications with a high speed range of 130 metres, or the GLS-2000M for 350 metre range as standard, or alternatively the GLS-2000L for long range measurements up to 500 metres in standard mode. 

We offer a range of industry-leading terrestrial laser scanning systems for 3D documentation, BIM (Building Information Modelling), surveying and facilities management applications. Our solutions include the Z+F range of 3D laser scanners, Topcon laser scanners and a range of software solutions to accompany your hardware. 

Drop into your local branch in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Launceston or Canberra to discuss your needs or call us on 1300 867 266. 

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