Fleet Management Systems

iVolve Fleet Management System

A window to your mine site operations   

iVolve FMS enables you to manage your mine operations more effectively to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.

Carlson Fleet Manager Office

Manage your machines. Manage your mine

Carlson Fleet Manager Office™ is a command and control monitoring and data management system that transmits data between machines and the office, increasing safety and productivity throughout the mine site.

Carlson Fleet Manager Office enables you to manage materials across the mine site from the office. Keep track of mine machines and manage data in real time to save you time and increase productivity. 

Carlson Truck Pro is a GPS system for mine trucks and haul trucks that delivers tracking and assignment task functionality. Despatch operators can track mine truck locations remotely. 

Carlson Grade Supervisor is a GPS site management system that enables site supervisors and surveyors to support grading, mining and landfill applications. 

With branches in Jakarta and Batam, Indonesia, Position Partners is uniquely able to support your mine management and quarry management software and hardware needs throughout South East Asia.  

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